For over a decade Erwyd has been visiting schools all over the UK (and even one in The Netherlands) with his mix of education and entertainment.

Check out Erwyd's latest offerings for schools below. And if you're after something specific that's not listed below let us know, we can probably provide it or know someone that can.

School's Out Show
Celebrate the end of term and the beginning of the holidays with Erwyd's School's Out Show. Magic, juggling, comedy and audience participation combine to create a show that is enjoyed by both staff and pupils alike.
The School's Out Show lasts 45-minutes, is ideal for all primary school aged children and is perfect for when you want to relax and have some fun at the end of term.
However, we also offer three shows with an educational message that are great for other times of year.
Circus Science: Forces & Motion
Written by Erwyd in 2008 and originally toured around primary schools throughout the UK until 2012, the original Circus Science: Forces & Motion Show is available once again.
Circus Science: Forces & Motion is packed to the rafters with audience participation, comedy and laughter. However, there are also some serious questions to be asked: Why do objects fall, speed up, slow down and change direction?
By the end of the show children will be able to answer all of these questions and more.
Children are actively encouraged to participate by giving their own observations and conclusions to the visually stimulating practical example and experiments.
The best part about this show is that the children are having such a good time they don't realise they're learning.
The Magic of Recycling
A 45-minute show that combines the fun of storytelling and magic with the serious message of how our actions impact the environment.
Children will learn how the things we throw away pollute the environment they live in and how this also has a negative impact on the plants and animals that they share the planet with.
They will see that small actions like recycling can have a major impact on sustaining our planet's natural resources.
They will get the opportunity to discuss the global impact pollution has had and how it has played its part in climate change.
Halloween Safety Show
45-minutes of spooky fun with a serious safety message.
As well as being a high energy show packed full of comedy, magic and audience participation this show also teaches children how to stay safe during the Winter months.
Circus Skills
This is a full day of fun and exploration where every child achieves and learns skills they never thought possible.
Circus skills is one of the few activities that is truly non-competitive and where children of all abilities can work together and achieve amazing things.
The day begins with a safety talk and demonstration of the equipment the children will get to use. This is usually presented to the whole school as an assembly.
Then each group comes to the hall and is led in a structured session where we look at one or two pieces of equipment in depth.
After which we end with some 'free-time' where children get to explore and try their hand at some of the more exciting pieces.
Equipment includes:
  • juggling balls
  • juggling rings
  • juggling scarves
  • peacock feathers
  • flower sticks
  • diabolos
  • stilts
  • redal racers
  • mini bikes
  • unicycles
  • plate spinning
  • ball cups
  • tightrope
Why circus skills?
Because circus skills is non-competitive it allows all children to participate. This has a positive knock-on effect with confidence and self esteem.
Skills like juggling are also linked to improving hand eye co-ordination, patience and self discipline. Which in turn can assist with other areas of lives both in and out of school.