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in Schools

For over a decade Erwyd has been visiting schools across the UK with his educational shows.


It all started with the original Circus Science Show that toured schools between 2008 and 2014. This show introduced primary school aged children to the concepts of forces and motion in a fun and unforgettable way. Since then he's written and performed educational shows that cover topics such as mathematics, road safety, and recycling.

Now he's turned his attention to Christmas.

Christmas should be a magical time of year for everyone, but it can also be extremely stressful. Especially if you work in education.

By teaming up with Gatling Magic and Professor Llusern, Erwyd has produced a show that allows schools to bring some festive fun to the end of term without the headache involved with taking groups of children away from school.

Our aim is to give children the magical Christmas experience they all deserve, whilst simultaneously making things easy for teachers and staff.

The set is designed to be modular so that it fits inside all sizes of school hall. We've even made it so that our set can be folded away quickly for lunch and then put back up in time for an afternoon performance.


The show it self is a celebratory blend of magic, juggling, comedy, and audience participation that's ideal for primary school children of all ages and can be performed once to the whole school or multiple times should your school be too large to have everyone in the hall at the same time.

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