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Organising a birthday party for your child can be daunting and stressful, which is why I try to keep what I offer as simple as possible for my clients.

Over the years I've provided entertainment for a lot of children's birthday parties, and the one thing that comes up every time is those organising the party want it to be as simple as possible.


With that in mind I've done away with the endless packages, upsells, and add-ons and reduced it down to easy to book option.

Showtime with the Conwy Jester
You get:
  • The show with juggling, magic, comedy and heaps of audience participation.
  • Balloon model for all the children.
Lasting 1-hour, this package was always been the most popular choice with party organisers and so its the one I've decided to keep.
It guarantees the birthday child and their guests have a great time whilst leaving room for the birthday tea, any games you might want to play and of course the all important blowing out of the candles.
Ideal for both house parties and those in larger halls (we could even do it outside) this party works anywhere with minimum fuss. All you have to do is tell me where I've got to go and when you want me to arrive and I'll do the rest.
Please get in touch for prices in your area.
How does it work?
Most birthday parties last 2-hours and I'd recommend you keep it to about that length. Below is a guide to the timings I've found works well. Let's assume the party runs from 12pm until 2pm and there are 20 guests.
11:00am - I'll arrive at the venue to set up.
12:00pm - Guests start to arrive.
12:15pm - Show time.
12:55pm - Balloon time.
1:15pm - Birthday tea starts. I pack up and leave.
1:35pm - Time for a game or often children will be happy to just play.
1:50pm - Birthday cake / candles.
2:00pm - Party ends.
This is just a guide. If you have more than 20 children coming to the party please let me know so I can alter the timings my side to fit in the balloons and the show.
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