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Erwyd started his career as a street performer in 1996 aged just 15 and has been doing outdoor shows at festivals, fairs, steam rallies and street parties ever since.

Below is a sample of what's available, but if you can't see what you're after do drop us a message. Chances are we can provide what you need or know someone that can.

The Conwy Jester Show
This self-contained sideshow is perfect for any outdoor event.
30-minutes of non-stop jester action that can contain knife juggling, magic, bed of nails and escapology among other stunts blended with comedy and audience participation.
The backdrop to the show is an authentic medieval tent (although the show can be performed without it if required) that also acts as the backstage area.
For full day events I can provide up to three different 30-minute shows that are performed periodically throughout the day.
The Pirate Show
This 30-minute show can be performed up to three times daily and is a hit at tall ship festivals and pirate events.
The show can be performed as a solo or with the accompaniment of the giant pirate crew.
The advantage of this show is that it can work anywhere and can be performed under almost any conditions.
The giant pirate crew also make for great walkabout characters and can be booked independently of the show if required.
Balloon Twisting
This can be booked as a stand-alone piece or in conjunction with any of our other shows and workshops.
Balloon twisting works particularly well when booked alongside our circus workshops to create that carnival atmosphere.
Circus Skills
Drop-in circus skills workshops are a smash hit at any outdoor event.
Running continuously throughout the event, circus skills gives organisers the peace of mind that there will always be something going on.
And its not just for the kids either, teenagers and adults love to join in too.
Our self-contained full festival set-up includes a small medieval tent (to set the scene and to keep kit dry should it decide to rain), juggling props, stilts, spinning plates, unicycles, flower sticks, mini-bike, pedal racers, diabolos and even a tightrope.
We then run the workshop throughout the day from within our own arena that we create using ground stakes and bunting.
Our outdoor circus skills workshop easily turns any space in to a bright and colourful spectacle.
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